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Our reserve is located to the north of Pound Lane in Nailsea. A map is shown on our "Reserve Map" page in the "Information" section. The nearest postcode is BS48 2NN which will take you to the Pound Lane schools.The footpath opposite the schools will lead you to the reserve, via a lane and a farmer's field.


You can also access the reserve from the north, via a footpath which comes down the hill from Clevedon Road, starting close to its junction with Tickenham Hill. The footpath from Tickenham Church along the Land Yeo River will also lead towards the reserve.



Southern reserve entrance (via Pound Lane footpath): ///

Northern reserve entrance (via Clevedon Road footpath or from Tickenham): ///races.agents.grab


Please note there is no public right of way from our nature reserve to the Jacklands Fishing Lakes. The field between our reserve and the lakes is private with no public access permitted.


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