Nailsea Environment and Wildlife Trust

February 2024


There is an unusual fungus in the Carr called Scarlet Elf Cup  (Sarcoscypha austriaca). As its name suggests, the scarlet elfcup is a bright red, cup-shaped fungus. It is widespread, but scarce, and can be found on fallen twigs and branches in damp woodland and can be seen between December and March. It's not easy to spot from the path - you need to look where the spring/stream runs from the embankment into the carr.  Last February we only found one specimen, but this time there was loads of it!



Our next workdays will be Saturday 6th July and Saturday 3rd August 2024 at 10am.


Work mornings occur every first Saturday of the month (except January unless otherwise notified) at 10am on Pound Lane outside the schools, ending around 12 noon.


If there is any doubt about the weather you may want to phone us before coming. We provide all of the tools and the refreshments.

June 2024


We are pleased to announce another successful year in one of the owl boxes. Two Tawny Owl chicks were found in the owl box next to the carr on 25th April. They were too small to be ringed at that time and therefore it wasn't possible to ring this pair. The last time an owl, which appeared to be a well grown juvenile, was seen at the nest box entrance was on 14th May around 8pm in the evening. An adult owl was spotted on the edge of the carr a week later.


Bad news this year on the kestrel front though - the second box contained five abandoned eggs when it was checked. It is likely that the birds were either immature and inexperienced or one the parents died, causing the other to abandon the nest.


A good number of tall orchids can be seen in the reeds area at the far end of the meadow/behind the top pond.


We have had funds approved by North Someset Council for replacement of the boardwalk along the public footpath, using recycled plastic boards. Volunteers have been working hard during recent workdays to clear the space around the boardwalk for installation and allowing the public to pass while work commenced, as well as cutting new paths through the meadow. Watch this space for installation dates!