Nailsea Environment and Wildlife Trust

Dr Terry Smith

The Newt trustees are sorry to announce the death of our founder member Dr Terry Smith on 21st May 2023 at the age of 88. 

Terry worked for many years for Bristol University at the Long Ashton Research Station where he studied plant chemistry and published the "Phytochemistry Journal" for a number of years.  His publishing skill led him to write the History of Nailsea and The Hydrology of Nailsea which can be found under the History section of this website. He also published two full colour booklets "Trees in and Around Nailsea" and "The Natural History of Nailsea" which can be borrowed from Nailsea Library. 

Terry set up the voluntary group 'Friends of Towerhouse Wood' and helped to negotiate the purchase of this ancient woodland in Wraxall, now managed by the Woodland Trust and also helped with the formation of the group which manages Stockway North Nature Reserve in the centre of Nailsea.  

He went on to obtain grant funding for the purchase of the land at Moorend Spout in 2008 when it became available and to set up the Trust which has owned and managed that land as a thriving nature reserve from 2009 to the present day.

We are indebted to Terry for his hard work, commitment and vision in creating these havens for wildlife which have benefited the people of Nailsea as much as the environment.